Raising the Barre by Lauren Kessler is our April 2020 book

Ballet memoir Raising the Barre is our April 2020 book of the month...

In Raising the Barre, immersive journalist Lauren Kessler decides — in her fifties — to pursue her lifelong dream of dancing in the Nutcracker, even though she hasn't stepped foot in a ballet studio since she was a child.

This story is particularly appealing to adult ballet students, for many of us secretly wish we could go all-in with ballet.

Kessler, for several months anyway, does just that.

She covers the ups and downs of her training and cumulative performance, but she also touches on topics such as body image, perfectionism, and the shift in perspective that many people experience in middle age.

Kessler is open about both her insecurities and her triumphs, and her humor and relatability is endearing.

Raising the Barre is a fascinating and inspirational read for anyone who loves ballet.

This book is available on Amazon, and here are a few more places you can grab a copy of Raising the Barre:

This book offers a rare glimpse into what happens when an adult goes after ballet with all her heart. And with Kessler's honesty and humor, I know we are going to have so much to discuss in our weekly Facebook group chats. Happy Reading!