Nutcracker Mice by Kristin Kladstrup is our December 2020 book

Our December 2020 book of the month is Nutcracker Mice, written by Kristin Kladstrup and illustrated by Brett Helquist...

Nutcracker Mice is a children's novel about a community of ballet-loving mice who dwell secretly in the famous Mariinsky Theatre.

Esmerelda, a rising star in the Russian Mouse Ballet Company, is set to debut as Clara, but when she learns that mice are villainized in the plot of the Nutcracker ballet, she is shocked and horrified. Why would her fellow mice come see a ballet in which they are portrayed as monsters?

Above the floorboards, the custodian of the Mariinsky has discovered the mice and plans for extermination, but his nine-year-old daughter Irina suspects there is more to these "pests" than meets the eyes.

Can Irina save the mice? Can Esmerelda save her ballet company?

Let's read the book and find out!

Nutcracker Mice is a light, fun, cozy read for the holiday season! I am looking forward to reading it myself and sharing it with my two kids (ages six and four), either with read-aloud sessions or perhaps by simply relaxing and listening to the audiobook together. Either way, this is a book that people of all ages can enjoy together.

You can grab a copy of this book on Amazon, or here are a few other places you can find it:

I ordered my own copy from Thrift Books, by the way, which is by far my favorite online book store. It's actually where I have ordered the majority of my books of the month!

As always, I so look forward to reading and discussing this book with you in our Facebook group.