A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson is our February 2021 book

Our book of the month for February 2021 is the romance novel A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson...

In A Company of Swans, Harriet Morton grows weary of her life in 1912 Cambridge — her father and Aunt Louisa are strict and oppressive, controlling Harriet's life to such an extent that her only escape is ballet, the one activity they allow her.

Now, a man wishes to marry her, an act that would solidify her fate as being trapped in a small, restricted world.

Harriet runs away and joins a ballet company that is set to tour South America — she performs in grand opera houses in the Amazon rainforest.

While away from home, she falls in love with a man named Rom, who owns an opera house.

She also falls in love with her new life that is far, far away from her oppressive past.

However, her father — and the man who wishes to have her hand in marriage — leave Cambridge, following Harriet to South America, in an attempt to bring her home.

Will Harriet be forced back into her sad Cambridge life? Or will she continue her adventure of ballet, travel, and romance?

Let's read A Company of Swans and find out!

You can grab a copy on Amazon. You can also find this book at...

Once again, I ordered my copy from my favorite book store: Thrift Books, which is where I order almost all of my books. Looking forward to reading and discussing A Company of Swans with everyone in the Facebook group!