Cantique by Joanna Marsh is our March 2020 book

Letterboard that reads: Ballet is for everyone who wants to take part in it, and the novel Cantique by Joanna Marsh

Joanna Marsh's debut novel Cantique is our March 2020 book of the month...

Cantique tells the story of adult ballet beginner Colette Larsen.

Following her character through a jarring job loss and a tumultuous time of self-discovery, this book explores how Colette grapples with her passion for ballet — she longs to be part of the ballet world, but is she too late?

Perhaps, but perhaps not.

When Colette happens across handwritten eighteenth century sheet music from a long lost ballet, she is suddenly immersed in the arts community that she admired from afar.

She also, by chance, meets James Brennan — a laid-back, confident professional ballet dancer — and these two twenty-somethings form a deep connection.

As a modern-day love story peppered with historical fiction and plenty of relatable adult ballet moments, this book is one of a kind.

If you would like to read Cantique, it is available on Amazon. You can also find it at the following online shops:

This book is special, not only because it tells a beautiful story, but also because it is one of only a few books in the entire world that focus on the topic of beginning ballet as an adult.