A Body of Work by David Hallberg is our March 2021 book

A Body of Work, the autobiography of David Hallberg

David Hallberg is most notably recognized as the first American dancer to become a principal with the Bolshoi Ballet...

Hallberg’s memoir A Body of Work follows his life from being bullied as a child to his explosive rise to stardom in the ballet world.

Hallberg shares a detailed account of his training, beginning with tap dancing in his basement as a child, to his first introduction to ballet, to training with the Paris Opera Ballet as a teen — which all culminates in his first company position with American Ballet Theatre in 2001. 

Hallberg also shares how, at the peak of his career, while dancing on world-renowned stages, he ignores a nagging pain in his ankle. Ultimately, that nagging pain becomes a serious injury, requiring two major surgeries.

His ankle injury changes his perspective and career forever. He explains, poignantly, how strongly he feels the loss of dancing.

Throughout the book, Hallberg shares his perfectionism and his drive to dance with humility and grace, communicating through the written word just as eloquently as he communicates through movement.

Body of Work offers a thorough self-portrait of an artist and a rare glimpse into the heart and mind of a dancer as he faces the inevitable highs and lows of a professional ballet career.

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